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PS Marto history

I've said many nice things to you, compliments and I've always been honest about my feelings and what's beautiful about you (I've never heard anything nice from you on my subject, the last thing I heard after sending a poem I wrote for you like many others was that I'm pathetic, and a blockade) Zero of your appreciation of my efforts.I tried my best, but it wasn't enough for you.Hear that you are pathetic, because someone is trying as hard as they can for 2 people, despite the obstacles.I love you, I have a terrible pain in your feelings.You have lower confessions about the title :Summary M. Remember that after every fight I wanted to talk, I stretched out my hand no matter if it was my fault or yours, you never did it, you never wrote first.NEVER I was trying to blame myself, I couldn't see that you were thinking about yourself and not about usI wanted to hope that you felt my age, but reality shows otherwise I'll tell the CI at the end that I'm fucking hard on the CIebie, I've been thinking about you for half a year, day in and day out, when you were busy writing with others and having fun with your friends You asked me how much the bouquet cost, now I'll tell you 220, have fun, but be carefulYou just asked me how I felt once.


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