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Young mum history

Hi.I'm writing here to give some people something to think about.I'm 21 years old and have a 4 year old son.Every day walking down the street I've heard not nice comments about myself from my peers as well as "old ladies" who like to stick their noses in their affairs.I wanted to say that it's not nice to hear something about myself that isn't true and I think it's worthwhile to find out what was the cause of such an early pregnancy.I mean, it wasn't a "bump" and I'm still with the father of the baby. So my story starts when I was 16 years old. With a stomachache, I went to the hospital, as it turned out, I had ovarian problems. I was threatened with infertility. It couldn't be treated in any particular way, and what if I told the doctor that maybe the pregnancy would save me? After half a year of trying to have a baby (because I really wanted to have children one day, so what if not now, maybe never) I got pregnant anyway. Unfortunately, it was the first and maybe the last one. For over a year we have been trying to have a second baby, but unfortunately, so far we have not succeeded. Ps.Sometimes your comments may hurt someone so it is worthwhile to find out what was the reason


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