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Hi, my dear. I have a problem. I've been with my fianc for a while and we often fight. Today we did a barbecue with his brother together, but not about that. We both drank a little and had a fight and I called my uncle's mg if I could come to work. And then with my name on it, I started to get a hard fight. When he was leading me out of the horseshoe, he would jerk me around in front of my friends until his brother reacted. On the way to my uncle's, we were fighting and he did something that hurt... he compared me to my mum's memory. Who was an alcoholic... It hurt me so much that I went crazy at my uncle's and we practically parted and now the question to you is whether I did wrong or he acted like a boor because I don't know well I'm in a total mental breakdown and he knows it very well and I don't know what to do with it Can I just stay


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