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overlife history

My grandparents have been married together for 45 years. Never in our family has it been colorful, conflicts with the law at the dawn. If not me, it's someone else. I have rarely visited my grandparents because I live far away from them, and when I'm supposed to go there is always something. One day I got on the bus and went to them. I go home, say hello to Grandma, ask "where's Grandpa?" and Grandma says "no." I'm surprised, I ask "what do you mean, where is he?" and Grandma is calm, but with sadness in her voice, "Grandpa is in prison". I've turned my eyes out, I look at my grandmother and I don't believe it. And Grandma "I didn't want to tell you anything on the phone, I was waiting for you to come and tell you in person". My dear grandfather, the only one, is in prison... I broke down. I couldn't, I didn't want to believe it. I ask my grandmother, "will you leave him after what he did?" and my grandmother says, "I didn't leave him when he had alcohol problems, I didn't leave him sick. I didn't leave him when he cheated on me. And I won't leave him when he's in jail. I waited 20 years for him, I spent 45, so what's 2 years. I love him over his life and I will never leave him."


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