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How are you, great atheists? Christmas trees already dressed, gifts bought?

I find it terribly funny that the fashion for being an atheist is such that every second person declares that they do not believe in God. It's okay, you can either believe or disbelieve, but why do I say it's a fashion? Because all these alleged "atheists" later on sing carols with their families loudly through each other, or better still - they go to the shepherdess! That's stupid to me. How can you pretend to be an unbeliever and at the same time sit down with your family, share the wafer? Because "tradition"? Then why don't you cultivate a tradition from some other faith, only a Catholic one? For me, it's hypocrisy. I don't know how you can do that, and if you already take part in Catholic holidays, customs, then why tell me at every step how you are an unbeliever? I'll never understand it. The atheists are clinging to the Catholics for being "hypocrites", but I see the opposite...


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