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It went up in smoke.

Hey, it's me, the person who lives in a small country house. And that little house would be burned down today. Thanks to me, naturally. I come back from school, the larks sing "tralalala" and I open the door. I was reminded to go to a friend's house today, but what is it?! My socks stink, and I know I'm going to have to take off my shoes, and the stink doesn't fall out for a kilometer... so I'm going to go to the locker to get new ones. Look, it's empty. Socks don't see or hear. And all of a sudden, there's a perfect plan in my stupid head. "I'll wash these socks and then dry them." But a moment, they won't be able to dry out.... I looked at the microwave and I knew everything. I'll dry them (!) in the microwave. Like I thought, I did. I washed them thoroughly, and put them in the microwave for 6.5 minutes for a lot of power. As you can guess, I opened the microwave and saw that hot, black, stinking smoke was blowing into my face. Socks to throw away, the house looks and smells like a wreck of a submarine with rotten fish, the microwave has been washed for the fifth time and still stinks of dung, and my cat has almost started. I envy reason. Thank you. Good night. I'm going to take my own life, because the world doesn't need such "creative people".


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