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I'm a 14-year-old Alexandra, although I was born as a boy. - Yes, that's right.

I'm Alexandra, I'm 14. And I'm an example of a transsexual m/k. I don't really know when I discovered myself, I'm sure I've known for a long time that something is wrong with me. So, as a curiosity - as a small child about 7 years old, I used intimate hygiene gel on my breasts, thinking that they would grow up, at the same time I was beating my birthday thinking that it would just disappear. A bunch of friends and parents know about me. Unfortunately, Mom and Dad don't care who I am, and they said they wouldn't be ashamed of me. They don't understand that this can't be changed, and they even say that I made up my mind. Dad is at work so much that he almost doesn't exist in our lives, and Mom worked 30 km away from home, leaving at 6, coming back after 6 pm. From the second to the first grade of middle school during these hours I was alone at home, and I live in a remote area and there is literally no one here. When neither Mom nor Dad was there, practically every day I picked up women's clothes and wore them, painted my nails and wore pins. Now Mom is home, so I'm getting on my bike and going to my best friend's, because for her I'm Alexandra. If it weren't for her, I probably wouldn't be in the world. I'm mentally weak, and the class doesn't like me very much because I'm different. All in all, it is logical that I prefer to stick to normal people rather than brats who chase sticks every few minutes. I have nothing to do with it, but their discrimination against me is big, too big. In fact, they've made a big hole in my personality. Thank you to everyone who read it. It's important to me, acceptance is essential.


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