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My husband doesn't care about me, so I have a lover. Remorse? Zero

My husband and I have known each other for 8 years, and we have been married for 2. I always thought we were a compatible couple, but for a year our relationship has broken down so completely that I talk about divorce almost every day. He insists that he won't give me a divorce because he still loves me, but he doesn't do anything to improve our lives. He oils me, he doesn't exist all day long, he meets with friends, and I won't even mention sex, because there's nothing to talk about. Our bed life literally does not exist. He comes back tired, he watches movies, goes to bed and literally pisses me off, just like that. He doesn't want to give me a divorce, so I just decided to do it my way, and I'm tough and I'm not giving up. No, it doesn't - I found myself a lover who makes my time more pleasant. A colleague doesn't mind that I have a husband, and I get what I miss, which is attention, good sex and conversation. That's enough. My husband doesn't want to get a divorce because he pretends to love me, well, he'll have to live with the knowledge that I have a lover, if by some miracle it seems. I have no remorse.


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