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She has me and another boyfriend.

It all started when my friend and I named her Ola and I went to high school. Therefore, we decided to make as many friends as possible in the new school. Ola is a type of extrovert, so she started hunting right away. She saw two of them. For half a year we stayed together, and with time our group was growing. Each day I got closer and closer and got to know Zosia better (name changed). We told each other everything, at least I told her. One day I invented something called RPG. In the notebook you create characters and make up stories. I started writing RPGs about the affair with Sophie. Slowly I started to get charmed by her romanticism, character and so on. I fell in love with her even though I was always straight. She was special, different. Her sex was not important. It just came out that way. I didn't say anything. I tried not to show it. But one day, when she confessed to me that she was bisexual... I felt like maybe I could. And as time went by, when two lesbians started to be in our RPG, we were together. And I knew it wasn't "basic love. I even told my parents about it, they accepted it. But one day I broke up with her. Stupid, I believed my friend that "it would be funny. She made me make a joke about her, that I was breaking up and so on. She was in love with Zosia, and she knew about us. After the holidays, in the second gym class, I started writing with Zosia again. And I managed to convince her that I still care.We are together. But she has a boyfriend. And she loves him, and I hate him. I don't know what to do. I was stupid,but I really love her,I want to be with her. We've been through too much together. I'm afraid I'll end up with a broken heart again, and she'll be happy with him. I want to give her as much happiness, joy as possible. I want to have her just for myself, not to share her with some packed guy I see a couple of times a year (5 hours away, other cities, etc.).


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