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Dear Martha

I wanted to tell you that I never lied to you. That I'm honest with you. Although you don't believe me. I don't know what you're choking on yourself. But no matter what it is, I want to listen to you, and what it is, I won't leave you. There is no other, you're just you, I've been through a lot, I've had a lot on my shoulders, and I'm calling it. Put your problems on my shoulders, give them back to me, become a free girl, give me back what hurts you, nothing will kill me and make me stronger to support you. Give me back my pain, I will gladly take it, Give me my problems, I will gladly deal with them, Give me your hatred, with my soul in me, Give me my tears, I will carry them in me, Give me my sorrow, I will add it to my own, and I will close it in me. Hopefully, you have become happy. Thanks to us 1500km and I love only you and I regret everything that hurt you.


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