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he wants to take away my alimony and the opportunity to give

I've been trying to get in touch with my biological father for some time now, but with poor results.He doesn't answer my letters, and it wasn't long ago that a letter from the court about a trial in court ending up paying maintenance on me came. At first there was a shock because I thought he cared a little bit about me, but I was wrong.He used all my words in his letters against me.He wrote that I don't want to take up daytime learning and that it's easy to take up work in catering.Probably you can, but there is one small detail I'm studying at the weekends at the post-secondary school, and I can't take day classes because I didn't pass my Matura exams, but I'm doing my Matura exams next year and I'm going to go to college, and I feel like he's forbidden me to study because he has vocational training.But one thing knocked me out, he says that 48 years old is an advanced age and that he is not able to pay for me. I'm probably just wondering what bank gave him a loan of 930 PLN for 1300 and alimony for me, something I think at the previous hearing when I went to a settlement to pay me 400 PLN instead of 600. Yesterday I still got a letter from his lawyer intimidating me so that I would forgo alimony... I really feel bad about it... and sometimes I feel like it's his fault that he can't trust any guy because I'm always afraid they'll leave like he left me and Mom.


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