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A relationship without prospects;(

Average person before 30 after the passages, he also after the passages. She was always unlucky - once it seemed to her that life would change, the former from a good home offered her a trip abroad, she had everything prepared and the delicatessen the day before disappeared, another decided that "living with her will be boring", the former husband cheated. He, too, did not do much in his life. Both of them have long, faulty past, they both work, they lavish on life somehow. She had a problem with gambling, but when it was almost empty in her wallet again, she decided that today was a happy day and maybe it's worth trying it. She came home penniless... Both blocs are challenging each other, he thinks she's to blame because now she's bad because she lost the money. In fact, they both can't live without each other, but poverty and eternal problems ruin them. I'm sure, there's nothing to it, the hairdresser doesn't visit, he's working on debts and food, and he's had enough. The only entertainment is sleep and the Internet for 50 zloty. There are no friends, because no one visits poor people. She would like to finally put this life in order, but from an empty one, neither does Solomon... She works for the smallest country, gets up at 4:00 in the morning, would go to the extra one. No family, the family he and she have is so out of the picture, or just in the picture because they can't count on help. Although she loves, she came to the conclusion that it would be easier to part, because the debt, problems are shared and will be smaller. The house has become a pigsty, because nobody has the exact power, the rooms need to be renovated, but of course there is no money to look at it. They both want to be together, get married, have a normal family, a child, but they know that it's impossible because they can't afford anything but to pay their debts; (be careful what you do in life, because despite the sincere desire for youthful mistakes the highest price is paid...


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