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I discovered my mother's betrayal, show my father the pictures I found on my mother's phone?

My parents have been arguing for over two years. My mother claimed that my father had a lover, she challenged all the women he had contact with. It's true, he could be having an affair, but I know he would never do anything like that to Mom. Although in 2013 - 2014 it seemed to me that he had a redheaded idiot who was not much older than me. I've been very curious lately as to why my mother won't give me the phone so I can help her with something. I know I shouldn't, but curiosity has taken over. When there were guests, I took her old phone that wasn't locked. What I saw there exceeded all my expectations. There were messages to a woman she met through a phone game she got addicted to. A few times I saw her send her pictures. I know I shouldn't, but I was a little disgusted. Not that she's a lesbian because I'm a lesbian myself, but that she's lying to my dad so perfidiously and pretending to care. I took pictures of these messages for this woman and now I wonder if I should show it to Dad because we wanted to move out. I'll add that this woman lives on the other side of the country and her mother has recently become unbearable. She's angry with me about everything. I don't know what to do.


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