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My mother's bastard is poisoning my life. I dream that one day he will disappear without a trace

I'm less than 18 years old, I'm planning to move out as soon as possible, even though until now my dream was to study, I wanted to be an architect and I have a predisposition for that, but I don't think it is and will never be. It's all because of a kid my mother had conceived 7 years ago with a new partner - I never accepted him either, but that's a different story. This kid's a monster. I haven't digested him since I was born. He's always been loud, noisy, terribly vicious. Mother explained that "he's still small", that he'll get over it, that it's such a living silver. In my opinion, he's a mentally ill, mean kid who will grow into a psychopath. My stepfather loves him over his life and we argue about it when I try to explain rationally that they should do something as parents. He even struck me once when I said straightforwardly that his and his mother's brat is a monster. I don't treat him like a brother. He's vicious, mean. As long as I can remember, he beat me, bite me, rip my hair out, and when I went to complain to my mother, he obviously turned in his favour and I was punished. He was smiling and well aware that he was manipulating the environment. He hurts animals - I caught him strangling the cat in the garden, killing frogs, of course I ran to my mother and stepfather to tell them right away, but the young man knows how to get out of everything and I got the penalty for "accusing without evidence". This kid hates people, he can spit on the cashier in the shop, and then tease himself that she "called him" and his mother is making a brawl with the cashier, calling the manager. And the shithead smiles like a psychopath from a movie. I even tried to interfere in his school - I was banned from leaving my parents, they took my laptop, nobody took care of it. My dream is to wake up one day and the young one will be gone. That he simply evaporates without a trace and turns out to be a bad dream, and not a real being who destroyed my life to such an extent, although he barely grew back from the ground.


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