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Why did I run away screaming after my first sex date with this freak

I made a date online, it was clear what it would end up with. I'm unlucky with guys, but he literally overdid it with what he was putting on that wonderful night. It ended tragically - for me, because from now on, I avoid all blind dates. The guy seemed pretty normal and cool, first we had dinner, then we went for a drink. We overdid it a little bit, and in fact he overdid it, not me, although I felt good in the head too, but he was more drunk. The alcohol, however, made me stop seeing his faults, I liked him very much physically, so I let myself be invited to his apartment. The sex didn't happen, we just kissed and there was a little caress, but I'm telling you why. My chosen one started to comment on my organs with words: "But a strange dumpling" or "Something's sticking out here, it's like a hair, but it looks like an oatmeal", disgusting. I was drunk and it was late, I didn't want to come back, so I decided to stay the night and run away in the morning. Unfortunately, it didn't go so smoothly. At first, he started to prank about the duvet and pillow that he couldn't give me both because they were "souvenirs of his dead grandmother" (!), and then he put 3 socks on each foot and commented that he must, otherwise he has bad circulation. I fell asleep full of embarrassment and when I woke up in the pale dawn to escape, I saw that he was already on the bed. He was hiding and sneakily fucking a grapefruit, biting off pieces of ZE SKKKA and spitting them on the ground. He realized I was looking, hid the fruit behind his back and said: "I can't give it to you, I have little." It was my LAST blind date, I swear.


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