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I'm pregnant, a colleague is waiting for a baby, and I'm drawn to it...

It's quite pathetic. I'm pregnant and I have a husband. He's - he's married... pregnant. He's a colleague of mine who I understand and get along well with. We've both been going through a relationship crisis lately, we've had a little talk about it. Last time he confessed he liked me, he tried to kiss me. At first he was an innocent flirt, but then I realized it was some kind of crazy. I have a child, a husband and despite the difficulties, I love him. As gently as I could, I made it as clear to my friend as possible - I won't destroy anyone's life, I don't want to be a hen***on. He took it, he stopped talking. And I don't know why, he's damn sorry. Whatever the fuck it is, the guy worthy of the attention doesn't bother a married woman, a mother, and that's just being in a relationship and expecting a baby. So why do I feel so bad about all this? Maybe I'm sorry that nothing's gonna happen?


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