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Internet friendship

Maybe this confession will be childish for some people, or you'll think that I don't have anything to do but sit and write on the Internet with strangers... But get to the point. One day, I installed a game for myself shortly after school. I liked to play it, so I played it, say, often. I went to different chat rooms and so on, but I found someone from Poland. We started writing to each other. I sat until the evening and wrote with him sometimes I used to sit on the phone until 3:00 a.m. because it was a holiday that I could afford. We wrote and wrote until we finally became internet friends. I confided in him and he knew he wasn't cheating on me. He told me a secret he didn't tell anybody. He didn't have any friends, I did, because I did. He was so good and nice and friendly to me, just perfect. (He's 19 years old, I'm 18). Sometimes I felt sorry for him because I didn't have any problems and he always comforted me as much as he could. We wrote with each other so much that I fell in love with him... you read so well, he didn't turn his back on me anyway, even though he didn't feel the same way I did, it hurt a bit, but well... it's important that we wrote the same way as before. After a few months we started to write less often, but not that much. He just said he had some responsibilities, you know, like everybody else. After the holidays, we wrote less and less and less often, but I understood him because the beginning of the school year, learning, etc. I was so happy to see him active and when we were writing, I told him to go in more often, but he assured me that he would do it, but not like before. Okay, well... I thought. It happened all the time if it wasn't after a month or so, and after a week or so. When it was my birthday, he didn't even give me a wish, he knew perfectly well when I had it because I wrote him this, he apologized to me. I was sorry. He went so far as to kill himself and so on... But he was joking. He was joking. I was going out of my mind and he, you know...


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