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how a friend liquidated friendzone

Until recently, I was in friendzone with my friend. I have a friend who I confided in everything and she knew that I was in love with P. I found out that I gave up fighting for him. A few weeks after that, P. asked me to help him pick out an outfit for a blind date. I helped him, just like I thought. Two days later, he gets a text message from this friend that she set me up for a blind date. Somehow I didn't get the facts together. I asked P. to help me choose the right outfit. He chose me a yellow straight dress and black pins. I liked that outfit. I was supposed to have a date the other day. At 5 p.m. I got in the bus and went there. When I arrived, there was a boy with a red rose in front of the cafe. I went up to him and asked him if he and this person set us up. He told me that yes. He smiled and took off his glasses. I didn't believe what I saw. The boy gave me a rose. I started to laugh. It was a friend of mine that I made love to. He asked me if I'd become his girlfriend. As it turned out later, he was in love with me, too, and he asked his friend to mediate between us on this. As you can see, I just left friendzone ;DDa sie ? I can do it !


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