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Wet friendship

I have the best friend in the world, we've known each other for a good 7 years. We spend time together, we laugh 24 hours a day. Of everything.We have stupid ideas that always end up in wet pants.Yeah, we're 23 years old but I think we should still walk in pampers.I'll tell you how it looks. We used to be at my place. We had a plan. We generally clean the whole hut. I had a huge travel bag in which I hid everything I didn't use and there was no sense of dust. Everything went well and I decided to hide the suitcase for the closet... My ambition... I got into a chair, my buddy is trying to give it to me, no chance of course, the suitcase was really very heavy. But... I finally got it, so now it's my turn to put it right on top of it. I was so wriggling out, I screwed up like Emily Rose... My suitcase fell down hitting me in the head and her foot was smashed. The whole situation is that my urine was running like a waterfall, I laughed like a fool, all the more so because she was pissed even more. A puddle became puddle underneath us. The whole elaborate plan in... We pee in our pants often, but we always manage to get out of it as if nothing had happened. We've had a lot of situations like this in our lives... and we still have a little pushup.I think it's time to go to the doctor, because there's probably something wrong with us ;-) Do you guys have the same thing?


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