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treacherous dog

Hey, I'm 15 years old and I recently experienced my first time with a guy who's 3 years older than me. My parents know I go out with him, but he doesn't show up at our house too often. You know, my parents are jealous and prejudiced, but even though he's a little bit older than me, although it's only 3 years, we get along well. One day I was left alone for a few days because my parents went to my grandmother's, after doing a little party, the day came, which we spent just the two of us. Everything was beautiful, the shared gym, pool, shopping, ice cream, until the evening came, I offered him to sleep with me, he agreed. We did not plan it, but it happened, I slept with him, everything would have been wonderful if it had not been for my dog, who was watching us closely, he laughed at me and said that it was just a dog ... then he didn't know what he was saying. The next morning, when we slept together, the phone woke me up, it turned out to be my parents, who will be home in a moment. When my parents came, they were not happy that Jarema was with me, knowing them, they suspected what had happened the previous night, but they pretended to be discreet if it wasn't for the dog who brought a worn rubber band in his teeth. Bravo we, out of this rush and panic we put a worn out condom under the pillow that was lying on my bed, and the awareness talk began, and mine and his, but over time parents accept an older boy who really respects me, I had a wonderful moment with him and I hope that it will be even better again, and we love the dog I will repay you without going out on those long walks that you liked so much. This interest in us and his sight I will never forget, because who would like to listen to 3 hours of talking about sex with his boyfriend, while the dog does not want to give away our property to the parents as if he wanted to suck up?


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