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I removed the child because a single mother with four is an exaggeration.

My situation is terribly difficult and it's hard for me to tell anyone about it, but I'll at least try to throw it out this way. My life has been hopeless for as long as I can remember, toxic parents, alcoholics, poverty, abuse. I met my ex-boyfriend as a very young girl, we quickly fell in and got an express civil wedding, a child. We lived together for 5 years and had three kids, only one of which was planned, the other... Well... You can't always predict everything. Sadly, he was also an alcoholic, he was violent, I finally set the limit and left him. I was left alone with three small children, it's very hard, if it wasn't for benefits, I'd have to beg. I met him - a new guy, I was already divorced from a tyrant. And it happened again. I don't know what went wrong, I thought we thought, but he splashed something because the test showed two lines. Again. The treatment was 1,000, and it solved the problem of the hundreds of thousands needed for the baby. And I made the hard decision that the fourth child is an exaggeration. Especially since the new guy left me as soon as he found out that one biological child would be his... A single mother with four children? Really? To be stabbed with fingers, and eventually go begging? Don't judge anybody until you know their situation. Never.


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