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Abnormal friend

I have a friend like that. Let's call her Kasia. We go to the same class. She's like, once you normally talk to her and all. But she often has such a reaction, e.g. she gets offended, I don't know what I'm asking about what happened and this nothing, every failure she has, reacts on me, e.g. a bad grade, something someone says to her and it doesn't suit her, why should I say it to this person better blame me. In the previous years I thought it was a real friendship but now I know it's not. All the present lying, pretending that when you talk to her, you "don't listen". I wrote to her if she still wants to continue our friendship, she replied that yes. So I wrote her what doesn't suit me and what she does and how it looks on my part. What she said I don't accept her faults. Her behavior was crossing boundaries. What do you think about her behavior? Am I the only one making up my mind and everything's fine with her and she's behaving normally?


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