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A terrible date

My name is Jola, I'm 20 years old and I've never had any success with the opposite sex. I was always alone. I decided to create an account on a dating site with the idea of finding love there. The next day I had 5 invitations from other men, but only one of them caught my attention. In the picture he looked quite inconspicuous, like an ordinary guy. He wrote to me that he is 21 years old, comes from Wroclaw and wants to meet me. I was happy and we planned our meeting right away. Finally the day came and we finally met, I was very surprised and worried. It looked completely different than in the picture. We went to the restaurant. He told me a little bit about himself, that he works illegally in a theft establishment. When I heard that, I felt like getting burned out of that restaurant and running away as far as I could. But I decided to stay. After dinner he offered to go to his house. I agreed, although I was very scared. After entering his apartment, I saw a lot of expensive equipment. I was sure he stole them. I asked him where he got it from, the answer didn't surprise me at all. He led me to the bedroom. He locked the door and started taking off his clothes. He showed me his crystal and told me to lick it. And if not, he would shave my head. I wanted to escape through the window, but he closed it too. I tried to open the door but he covered it with his body. Then he tied my hands to the bed and went to the "toilet". I bit through the rope and I threw one of the pins I was wearing into the window to break it down. He lived on the first floor, so I jumped off without any problem. It was 22 and I was going home alone. He was chasing me for a while, but a couple took me home with him because I was in bad shape. They called the police, unfortunately he tried to get to me. Luckily, the police came and picked him up. I will never forget that day. I WARN YOU ALL, THIS FACET was called JoloRobercik382. He's caught, but it's not clear if he'll escape. Keep him away from me if you meet him. The Datezone portal.


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