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I finally have a baby, but...

I'm Anka, I'm 33 years old, since I was 2, I live in England. When I left for England, the only thing that mattered was that I had money, in my small town in Poland I wouldn't be able to keep my apartment and put it off for the future. Here I can. I worked hard for 12 hours a day, took overtime, sent money to my parents, but eventually something broke inside me. I didn't have a guy, at first I didn't want to have one, but when I got to 30 I felt very lonely abroad. I met Tom at work, at first I didn't pay attention to him. Tall, athletic, there were a lot of chicks around him. In addition, he had a wife and child in Poland. So I gave up, until... One day we met in the city he drove me home, I suggested that he come in for a while... This moment lasted a year, when I decided to get pregnant, I really wanted to have a baby. It doesn't matter that he went to Poland every month to see his child and wife, I just wanted to have a child for selfish reasons. I got pregnant, two years were okay between us, but it started to piss me off that he was leading a double life... I threw him out, now my baby has no father... I'll never get into a relationship with a busy man again, unfortunately I'm wise after the fact...


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