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My friend history

A few months ago, I met a pretty girl, Martha. When I was somewhere with my friends, I saw her a couple of times with her friends and my sister. But I used to come home alone, and I passed her, as I had never spoken to her before. But then at home I heard her talking on the phone with my sister, as I had to listen discretely to what she was talking about . They started to say something about the fact that I did not say "hello" to her when I passed out with her. Then I decided it was a good time to start a conversation. I wrote to her on the meesengere, somehow it turned out that after two or three days we were already writing without a break, literally. We did it, we made an appointment, on the school square. I was very happy. After some time, we met on such a track in the fields near her home. Of course, I didn't see that she had a boyfriend, because she didn't say a word about it, so after each meeting I was more satisfied and I thought that maybe the dream will not come true for long and we will become a couple. But unfortunately, that did not happen. Once upon a time when we had a "Family Picnic" in the area, she was supposed to sell cake there. I was wandering somewhere with my friends. I don't remember exactly what it was like but then I saw her with some boy and it turned out that she was with him... At the beginning I told myself that it was nothing like that, I wanted to make friends with her and also with me, so that it would be more interesting almost to make friends with this boy. But then I realized that I hate him. We wrote for a long time as we used to, we still met. But then I started to behave strangely, I became jealous of her, even though I was not with her. And that was the first time we quarrelled, she didn't answer my messages, and I wrote every day. In the meantime, she made friends with my friend. And thanks to the fact that he helped me, she was able to get her to meet one another. Right after school, I drove a few stops away, and went to this track where we usually met... I apologized to her very much for making me so jealous, but she wasn't interested in it. She practically didn't say a word, and when she said something, she talked to her boyfriend on the phone. At the end I apologized to her again, but she didn't get over it. We went home, I was coming back on my feet through the fields, I was so angry with myself that I hit a tree and cut my fingers. On the way I was still crying. For a few days I practically didn't go out to my friends, I went out to school and came back to the end. Finally we started talking again. After a few more minor quarrels, now he writes with her all the time, but we don't have the same contact as at the beginning. I described everything just more or less like that, if I described everything I would make a thick book . I know this is not possible, and I will never be with her, but I would really do anything for her, and I love her very much. Martha, I hope you didn't find it.


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