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My mom part 2

And so no one will add my confession, neither this part nor the previous one. But I have to tell someone and I'm deluding myself that at least one person will read it. Dad knows. I mean, he knows too much. He found out that mom went to the game instead of the beautician. He doesn't know that she went to that game of hers. But he guesses. Dad knows, and Mom has embraced a new tactic by delving deeper into all these lies, namely, "I would never betray you, how can you accuse me of something like that, who do you think I am?! I'm supposed to remind you how many times you went to visit a KOLEZANKE?!" the thing is, it's not true. My dad's a man of iron rules. If something is fixed, it's always fixed, but it's always fixed. I know him, and I know he never would, but he would never betray his mom. And her? She has rules too, but she likes to bend them, and I know that if she wants to go out to a party somewhere and come back at night, I'm going to Mom and not Dad. Let's get back to the subject. It's Saturday, they've been talking about everything that's happened every day since Monday. At first, Dad accused Mom and she defended herself. Now it's the other way around. They think I can't hear them talking, but it's different. Yesterday they were lying at 5am, and I got up and listened to my parents' 18-year-old marriage falling apart. Slowly I'm sick of it, sometimes I feel like talking to my mom and asking what kind of law is he lying to my dad and accusing him of lying to him without any reason, just to dissuade him from the subject of his betrayal. I don't know what to do anymore. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


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