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We were connected by a disease.

I recently met a boy, or rather we met again, because we went to one class in primary school. We're not a couple, we meet. At the first meeting after many years, he told me about his illness, and I promised myself I wouldn't do it. He had cancer, and I'm mentally ill. He told me about it right away, he preferred to warn me than to confess what had happened to him in case of involvement, because it has a bad effect. Then I wondered for a long time what it was like. In many forums, the question arises: to talk right away or to wait until something serious comes of it? It turned out that we can talk about it and that's okay. He told me how his illness went, but most of all how people react to it, that they are afraid. Afraid of what? The relapse, the side effects, the weight and everything. It's the same with me. I have a bipolar affective disorder and I am most hurt by other people's reactions. I've been told many times that my bipolar affective disorder is destroying everyone around me, that how can you live with such a person... And finally I met someone who is also sick, suffering and understanding. I don't mind, I'm not afraid. I know what the complications, problems, side effects of the drugs can be and I know how to deal with it. He's not afraid of me. He knows how my treatment goes, he doesn't run away from me, he just accepts. He understands what can happen and I am grateful to him for that. We're just connected by a disease.


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