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The power of youth from all over the world.

I have just returned from the Diocesan Days of WYD d. I must admit that I am 21 years old and I go to church, I pray, I am a total believer. Despite everything that I have seen during these 5 days, it will remain in my memory forever. People from all over the world, great integration, everyone smiling and happy. This has restored my faith in people, in the fact that we don't have to see only what is wrong, sometimes we should forget about problems, everyday troubles, disconnect ourselves from political matters and live the moment. Do something for yourself, God. But I would like to add that these wonderful five days were not just about prayer or dancing. There was time for everything, and people from all over the world were smiling and looking for contact with young people from other nations despite the difficulties in communicating. Many of you could ask the question WHAT IS Written. It describes my feelings in order to awaken faith in you and the desire for everyday life, so that each of you, reading this confession, could think that in reality neither the priest, nor the church, nor politics are important, the people who believe, the COMMUNITY counts!


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