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A friend's death

Exactly 10 years ago, I lost a friend... ...I'd like to share this story with you... Mr. D. (my friend Kamila's boyfriend) has always been packing like crazy. He showed his family and friends his naked chest and swollen muscles. One day he scared Kamila to death, saying that he trains Chinese martial arts and knows how to kill a man with one finger. - He put his finger to my neck and said that if he pressed harder he could kill. From that moment on, I started to be afraid of him," Kamila confessed to me when I first saw him (Mr. D.), a tattoo on his shoulder was thrown into my eyes: the lion's mouth. He said it was a sign of courage and bravery, and when I started to laugh at it, he went crazy. He was screaming for me to take him seriously, because "on brave" nobody would jump him. He knows how to fight. After that, I started to be afraid of him. Mr. D. raised his hand on Kamila more than once. She had bruises all over her body. When they came to visit me, Kamila often had a bruised eye. She tried to powder it down, but I still believed it. Later, I often saw the bruises in different places. Mr. D. presented his strength in every possible way. For example, when he was walking with Kamila, he always squeezed her by the arm. Too tight. I also felt his strength myself (Once, when he got nervous, he grabbed me so tightly by the arm that I had a bruise for a week.) Mr. D. could not control himself at all. And then, right away, my hands were moving. During one of the quarrels he locked himself in the kitchen with Kamila. When I went in there I saw a degenerate man choking my friend. Already then I had a feeling that something might happen. And unfortunately, that feeling came true. My friend died a tragic death, and Mr. D. was taken into custody, suspected of being abused with special cruelty to Kamila and leading to her death.


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