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Marlene's former confessions now Confession...

Former confessions of Marlene now a confession of my Boena. I am with my boyfriend 8 years old, what happened to me for the first time is some kind of massacre until now it blushes when I remember it. It was about 8 months ago, my boyfriend and I had a free hut, so we decided to make love to each other and the desire was extremely big! First the caresses and such fantasies, and then there came the time when my knight put his steed into my Boena! And it happened that my Goddess started to fart! Yes, FIRST! Terrible farting! I didn't know what was going on as if my Knight was never doing anything and I couldn't concentrate on anything but I tried to pretend that nothing was happening. Afterwards, my Luby evaporated with a text like this: "what did Bozena start talking to my steed?" God, I didn't know how to behave, I got even more red and boiled out of shame! I didn't know what to say, and he added: "But she could talk like that more often" and then we both laughed ;D I wish everyone a girl like that Knight with such a sense of humour ! :)


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