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the perfect fiancé.

my sister's already an old woman and a maiden on release... Okay, 23 years, that's not so much, but enough to get married. They've been together with their fianc for 5 years, and they've been engaged for a year. I'm 16, I spend a lot of time with Semek because he's a nice guy and I like him. My sister doesn't mind, so why not. I've been tiring him lately about the idea of what I could give the guy for his anniversary. I asked him what he was planning to give to my sister, because it's funny that we have anniversaries on the same day. You know what he said? - I'll take her to a great dinner at the perfect damn restaurant, we'll go to the old town where she loves to walk around so much, I'll get her a balloon flight over Warsaw and then we'll spend the night together enjoying each other's presence, but first he'll get it from me. he pulled the dentures out of the closet for his legs. my sister doesn't have legs, she lost them when she rescued a child on which a tree almost fell on her. it fell on her legs. our family can't afford such an expense although we all put aside money so that one day we could make her happy. and Sem worked day and night, as it turned out later, to buy them. I cried. a better choice for my sister, we couldn't dream.


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