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A "real" friend

I made an appointment with a friend yesterday because she asked me for a saw meeting because, she quotes, "it's not mine to keep it in anymore. I'm going to this meeting, and to be honest, I was a little stressed out. I'm getting there, Veronica is sitting there (let's call it that) and I'll say what I heard walled me up. It turned out that my best friend for about 5/6 years is really just a lying wicked s** who only makes a special "friendship" to hurt me later. Veronica showed me their conversations like "God, how can I look forward to rubbing it in and watching it break down because it's just a naive boar that is easily faithful. Because her boyfriend dumped her after we started to be friends, so she thought it was me because he's probably cheating on her with me The moral of it is never easy to be faithful, always be careful


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