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It all ended up in court

When my sister was 12 years old, she made friends with this Sylvia. She was a year older than her. We lived in the countryside, so they were wandering around the village. And this is to the shop, and this is to Sylwia's grandmother, and this is to us. But it's not about that... There's an old pervert living in the village, he stares at the girls. One time my sister and a friend were walking by the man's property, and as they were in a good mood, they started to hook the man. They shouted from a distance to him, he to them, cursed at him. Well, he was the same to the girls. And finally he started chasing them. Scared girls, they ran to our house. They shut up and this lunatic started banging on the door.I was outside with my grandmother. One of them called the police. And the guy, as soon as he found out about it, ran away. My parents were at the church with my younger sister who was at confession before communion. First the police came, and in a few minutes, my parents. They were very surprised that the police came to us. The police wrote down the testimonies of both the girls and the man. There was a court case and the sentence was that the man had to spend 70 or so hours for social purposes or whatever it is called there.


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