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Typical mother-in-law

My current husband and I have been married for 8 years, and after marriage for just over two years. Until the wedding I never had anything to reproach my mother-in-law (or rather until the birth of a child). Unfortunately, I didn't have much choice to choose where to live. I don't come from a wealthy family, the family home is small so we stayed with my husband. As soon as Winnie the problems started... From the very beginning I listened to my mother-in-law's wonderful advice: "you have to change his pampers now", "he is hungry", "go get him dressed... "Take off your clothes... As soon as he weeped, she was in our room because she said something was hurting him. She interferes in our every move, listens to our quarrels (sometimes even those that are in jokes) at the door and then moralizes her husband with what kind of bad people we are. In a word you can't even shit yourself out because you know everything. After people, he is praised that he spends whole days with his grandson. Unfortunately the truth is completely different. Even when I ask her to look after him, she disagrees. Rain, storm, or terrible heat - I have to take Winnie the Winnier with me everywhere. Yeah... It's normal to go to the bathroom, take a bath? Only when he sleeps. And that MENDA complains that she doesn't cook much. Lately she has been shouting that we are a pathological family because we took our son to friends and came back at 9 p.m. I am sitting and crying because today I had my M.A. thesis, which I couldn't go to (100 km) because my mother-in-law said that it wasn't necessary in the countryside, the more so because I will grow vegetables in the fields, and unfortunately the little one got sick. It was a horror movie. I'll add that my husband and I are 26 years old and Winnie the year.


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