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my nightmare - talk will help

I welcome you, this topic that I will start with religion and the "cure for the lost nozzle" and so there was a retreat on the last day of the retreat I talked to the priest in private I told him my worst nightmare of my childhood... not a dream but a "tragedy" through which I find it difficult to trust anyone ... I broke through and told him that I was the only one... now I finally feel relief, but I know that this "trauma" is partly my fault because I had benefits from it, but when I told him that and felt relief that I hadn't felt for a long time, I am proud that I broke through and told the priest about it, so don't be afraid to talk about what lies in your heart, it helps. I'm just writing it so that everyone knows that honest talk about your problems helps.


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You've made the worst mistake of your life by saying anything to a "priest" to confess is a form of surveillance and control of the community. Expect that this information will someday be used against you or your bl... ...and then you'll have to make a comment. Dog. They feed on people like you, ask questions about intimate situations and especially onanizing themselves somewhere in the confessional.
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