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Strange man

That was when I was 14. It was a summer holiday with no schooling. My friends gave me the idea of lightening my hair with a chamomile. I decided why not have that effect on my summer vacation, which is great. I live in a small town. When I was slurrying for camomile, I was banging a lot of people there, because it's a good shortcut. a bicycle passed by me. It wouldn't have been any wonder if it weren't for what happened next. The bike turned around and suddenly I felt someone behind my back touching my chest! A man stopped and threw a slogan, "Do I want a little trick? that's the slogan for a 14-year-old girl? I was afraid but I ran away. I told my mother but she didn't do anything about it, she thought I was too imaginative and lying. I couldn't describe what a man looked like. I didn't know him and the fear paralyzed me. Two and a half years later, I met my boyfriend. I made a first date with him at the lake for a walk... and all of a sudden, almost the same situation a man on a bicycle grabs my ass. I didn't see this guy's face, but I'm sure he's the same guy as the other day. The question is, how do I know it's him if I haven't seen his face? I feel the same way of touching and approaching a situation. My boyfriend found me on a first date all crying, but this time I didn't let go and reported it to the police. I'm 19 years old now and this man is suffering the consequences.


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