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I'm like that homeless dog...

I'm pregnant and I'm all alone with it. I'm 23 years old, a few months ago I met a super guy, 22 years older than me. Intelligent, dear, manly and very handsome. I fell in love with him, I thought he was serious about me too... As it turned out, he slept with my sister after a month! I was leaving him and she was coming. Can you imagine that?! When the truth came out, I foolishly forgave him, we lived together, he apologized to me for it and I really believed in his sincere intentions... After living with him for a month, I got pregnant. He was making me terminate the pregnancy because he wasn't ready... Of course I didn't agree. I thought he would accept my decision, that he would be happy, but it was even worse. He says he doesn't want the baby, he doesn't know if he'll accept the baby or love it because he doesn't love me... and he doesn't want to force himself because he wants to be happy. And he left me... Plus, I can't count on my family... I live with my grandparents in a small room for a while because I can't get along with my mom and there are still some fights... and then what? I don't have the strength for anything anymore because I'm like that homeless dog... I can't handle it all, I'm mentally exhausted.


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