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I'm jealous of my cousin.

Hey. I'll start by saying I'm 13, I have a friend Susie and a cousin. I've known Susie for about 8 years. I go to school with her. I don't argue with her often. And now my cousin. She's 15 years old and generally cool. There's nothing to write about it. It all started a few days ago, when my cousin and friend and I started playing together on one minecraft server. Then my cousin asked if we could do some maintenance on Skype. We agreed. And here it all begins. First there was the bargain, then talking to each other. I got somehow jealous of my cousin because she started talking to Zuzka. When I joined them it was still good. After an hour, my cousin had to go. Okay. I was left alone with Zuzka, we had nothing to talk about, and usually we do. I've been feeling more jealous ever since, is that normal? I don't know how to say this to Zuzi, I'm afraid of her reaction. Thank you in advance for reading it. Have a nice day. Have a nice night. :*


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I actually understand you. If your jealousy really turns out to be pretty basic, you should talk to them, don't be afraid of their reactions, because it's possible that you don't madx what
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