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Cows are better than people because they can love

I'm a farmer, since this year 10, agriculture has been my whole life. Every year as I get to know the world, I start to hate people more and more. The farm keeps about 100 cattle, including about 50 dairy cows. During the summer, they graze on the meadows and try to provide them with natural conditions as much as possible. Each new year means an increase in productivity at every stage of the farm from field harvest to animal productivity. Cows Which once lived quietly after 12 years now live an average of 5 or 6 full lives. Worst day of your life you have to sell muke for a slaughter. The heart of grief squeezes tears and these idiots treat these animals there like worms. No respect or normality for healthy people on the mind. Every year 70 billion animals are killed for consumption worldwide, of which 11 600 million chickens, 270 million pigs and 59 million cattle are wasted or thrown away. Where there is a border is no longer agriculture, but meat milk factories and animal suffering. Most of you don't care if you look away, it's not me. You are the ones who agree to let the companies dictate the conditions. You feed your children something that does not resemble food I hate people. The only dream I have is that these animals will not have to do anything for humans. Most farmers do not mind this is the system you have to adapt or change the profession they say. I guess I'm not normal I can't not want to.


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