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Forget it, or have you still hopes?

Still on her way, she meets few suitable guys who are really weird, and she's wasting time on them. Some time ago I met a guy - he's the type who likes a girl, at the beginning of our acquaintance he really seemed to be very good. My person showed his or her interest (sometimes very big and some plans for the future - but I will add that we were not together). Unfortunately, after a short time, that has changed. If we agree to meet to talk, we still can't get to that meeting... He'll always change his mind the day before, sometimes on the same day with his excuses for not being able to. For a while now we have some contact with each other, but not the same as before, as we write with each other, it keeps telling me about other girls showing them from their best side, what they are not the "HER" as they keep flying after him. I'm not happy about it because I was very charmed by it, I thought it was different, but despite his behavior, I don't know what I'd like to do to be okay ... To still have some hope or to give up on him... There are moments when he writes to me like he used to... And sometimes he doesn't reply to my messages, he doesn't reply to my messages until 3 days have passed, as if nothing had happened ... And he speaks at the least appropriate moments, e.g. when I forget about him, then he appears again with nice words with everything that was before, making my heart warm... I really thought that maybe something would come out of it, but I think I was wrong, but somehow I can't handle it alone, I keep thinking about it and I miss it the worst. Now I have a lot of questions, I have no idea what decision to make... Still hopeful? or can he just give it a rest? trying to forget about him? telling himself he deserves better... ...but on my way of life, he could show up... there's someone else who will really see in me what I am... which goal to pursue... :( :( :(


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