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Man in man

We often complain that we can never see a person in another person, that people are heartless and only money matters to them. Often older people also complain about the young generation that what it is not, that they just sit on their phones, drink, smoke and do not know what else. Coming back from school today on the sidewalk next to the main road in my town (I am 15 years old, I go to the third grade of the gymnasium... Yes, I am a "gimbusiar") I saw an older woman who was crouching next to a tree with a commercial, collecting acorns. The grass was wet because it had rained recently, and you could see that it was difficult for this woman to get up and squat again. Then I had a very quick and spontaneous thought. I asked if I could help her. It seems so simple, but it immediately made the old woman smile. "I don't know if you want to, because that's a lot of it, but if you could..." she said. "No problem. I answered. I talked to a woman, collecting acorns for about half an hour. I found out that she was picking acorns for her granddaughter, so that she would take them to school to collect for forest animals. It kept me even more convinced that it was worth it. When we were finished, I helped her carry the heavy commercial to her house, which was nearby, and I went to my house, saying goodbye to the happy woman. It seemed like such a simple act, but a woman's smile and sincere thanks made me feel that we can change this world as well as complain. Despite the rainy weather, this day has become sunny for me.


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