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The story of my ex

It's been over a year since I started to meet a girl normally, everything was going to be fine, the ideal girl, for me and her appearance and character, but after half a year she broke up with me, she didn't feel anything to me, I understood, but then I said I didn't feel anything to her, in fact it was different some time later we met for something, she led me to the bus stop. That day I was going home, then I hugged her and said "I love you" but she moved away from me and said only that much that I can't say the same thing and that she is surprised, the bus came up, we said goodbye and I went home with a lot of work for the weekend and I didn't look at the phone too much, We didn't write then, but on Sundays I found out she was at a party and went to bed with somebody. We weren't together anymore, but she told me she wanted to lose her virginity after the wedding, It made me very angry, it was worse when I understood that she did it the same day I told her that I love her, I wondered for a long time later if I love, if I hate, we talked about it maybe once or twice, but we are not even friends, and it was the only woman I would like to have as a friend, I also collapsed the school because of that, so far I'm trying to fix what I've broken, but I still can't concentrate because this thought and she's going through my head.


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