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20% hope...

Some time ago I had the first girlfriend I lost because of my own stupidity, but that's not what I'm going to write about. Being in a relationship for almost 3 years, I thought my beloved knew me best and I knew her too. We spent a lot of time with each other, we made our dreams come true, we told each other the RIGHT of everything so I couldn't think differently. . I was wrong and very wrong. About three months before the end of the relationship, I learned that I have a cancer in my chest. He seemed harmless, so I kept it to myself, hoping it would all pass. You know, I was aware that it could develop and convert with double force, just like the doctors said, but I was good thinking. For some time I wanted to let my woman know that something bad was going on with me, but she never noticed anything because she was too busy with herself and I didn't want to add any more problems. It's too late to tell my ex-wife everything, this angel I thought was my woman turned into someone else. I really just thought I knew her. It turned out that a week after our parting she already had another one, and she hadn't left me before just because she was afraid she couldn't cope on her own. Do you know what kind of gift I got a week after I broke up? The news from the doctors that 80% after the next tests confirming this son of a bitch's malice, I will undergo chemotherapy and fight for my life. She will find out about everything, but from the farewell letter that I write a long time ago.


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I wish you a recovery :)
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