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The child's first illness

I'm the mother of a 3.5-month-old boy named Frank. The baby was developing normally like every infant, chattering its first smiles, getting up at night because the hunger was getting worse until one unlucky Friday. Franek is unfortunately on milk mm as he should make max 3 pile a day that day he made 16 of them but small. It's not about poops. As a mother who knows her child like no one else, I found out we're going to the SOR on Saturday morning. Of course, registration, waiting for your turn and ble bleeding, etc. We were finally admitted by the doctor, examined the child, established that this thing with the intestines had the child have a urine test. Imagine a 3.5-month-old baby peeing in a cup but we couldn't do it any other way. We've managed to wait 2.5 hours for the result, after waiting time another blood test. And then my blood was spilled.they told me to put the baby down.they said he had a good vein on his hand so I held my husband's hand for another. After a while, however, the doctor said that we'll have no leg left. Why do they need infrared cameras that show how the blood runs? Franus was crying, and I tried to calm him down with him. They said, "Let's make him feel good and nervous, then the blood will flow faster". Ja.the first time I saw a child in such a state, he moved his head like something happened to him. They drew blood for another 2.5 hours of sitting and waiting. When we finally came in suspiciously inflamed the urinary tract. You'll have to do a urine culture and then we'll know. I ask you, "and here you go." "You don't have to wait one day for the result in private, and then the family doctor will know what to do next. In addition, the doctor asked why the baby gets milk for his allergy? I'm afraid we had to go for mm through the dairy, suction problems and no weight gain. And he was telling me what was better to give a baby a fake than to eliminate dairy products from the diet"? I was muddled and thought if I had food, I'd feed. To this day, I cannot... to deal with the failure that I don't feed, but even feeding after 2 hours of draining didn't work. Sometimes doctors should think about what they say Maybe many of you will condemn me as a mother, but every mother wants the best for her child. Anyway, there's nothing more beautiful in the world than to look at the baby you give your food to. And let's people be forgiving for women who feed in every possible place, understand the child when it is hungry will not wait. And so, at the end of the day, the sowing is waiting between 3 and 5 days, either privately or at the NFZ. That's the doctor!


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I have to wait a day or two for my blood or urine test. For the tests, every week, so be glad you guys are getting on so fast.
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