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Best date history

I want to share with you my confession from a date :) I met a girl on a dating portal already looking at her picture I knew that something like that could be happening. My first thought was "good material for a wife." She wasn't some extra "cane" but she had it in her. I didn't want to get too involved in it. We wrote about everything and nothing. After a short time I decided to call, I felt I had to find out who it was because I already had a case when I was writing, writing and then it turned out to be a lime tree. Moment of stress and our 1 conversation was endless, probably for 2 hours :). It was just nice to have the impression that we've known each other for years I've never had this kind of conversation with someone once. Our telephone contacts were not very frequent, but in the end we decided to meet. It was a spontaneous decision. On the way to the meeting, I was thinking about what would happen at the meeting. I felt I had to meet her and I was afraid what if I fell in love. We both came to meet from our remote places. A lot of ridiculous situations have come up. I informed her that I will be late because there was an accident but seriously I forgot my wallet I had to come back 30km :p. When I was hitting the target she wrote that she is going to eat something because she is hungry (I was 40 minutes late) :D. I'm saying okay, what does she or does she want to answer? Take me an ice cream. She was waiting for me with ice at the pkp station :D I was quite elegantly dressed. Black pants and white socks because I could not find black socks at home :D. I remind you it was a spontaneous action. I asked if we would go buy socks for me :D We bought these black socks and I dressed up in a shirt and black socks in the parking lot. She looked at me a little weird, but I say forgive me, I've never dressed up socks on a date before. We went to the ice rink was wonderful. It turned out that I don't feel any pressure like I've always just known myself for years. It's a strange feeling, but you're just talking to someone about just... which is something you can do forever anyway. When our meeting was over, we walked out kiss and bye. I got in the car, and I remember when I moved, I said "k..." I think I fell in love. Usually it was that I was planning my future, etc. with someone in this case I just can't stop thinking about it... . I have such moments that I smile at work :) this is my confession from the beginning of 2016P.S. Unfortunately, everything happened at the beginning of the year. Our contacts have broken down over time because I saw that she doesn't care. It was my best date. No more of this lady. The heroine of the story will probably never find out that this text was about her :(


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