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A fuzzy redhead.

I've always been a complete stranger. I'm a redhead. You know how redheads have it, you fuck. I never liked my hair color. To make it more fun, I have acne, not really, but it bothers me. I'm not too fat or too skinny either. Okay, well, my stomach's a little off... So as you can see, nothing special. I have a girlfriend. We'll be together soon enough. I know she loves me, but what she did this morning has outgrown everything. I left the bathroom and with a rather sad expression on my face I told her that a new enemy had jumped out on my forehead and cheek. And you know what she did? She kissed me. In pimples. Yeah, she kissed every one of them. "You have nothing to worry about. I love you, with or without every pimple. I don't mind at all. With age, it'll probably pass." - she said. I asked what about the hair. "You know, I always wanted to be a redhead... You have beautiful, thick hair. Didn't you notice that I love drowning my fingers in them?" She's gorgeous. She just told me that she loves lying on my stomach and that he's awkward. You may envy me :)


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