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My story at a glance

I'm 25 and I have a 7-year-old son. The father of my child committed suicide a month before the pregnancy was terminated. Of course, in theory, because I didn't want to be with him. Because I didn't want to, I haven't seen the future for a long time. Unfortunately, every time I tried to part with my pregnancy, I was blackmailed into hanging myself. And he did it... One time, my mother even took him out of the woods when I wanted to leave him, and what did his parents say? His mother didn't even come for him to come home safely, she just let him come home alone... the old alcoholic's father blamed my mother for supposedly taking more care of her dogs than their son (did they? Didn't they have to?). But you know what? I don't wish anyone to die, but if I had to make exactly the same decision today... someone will say that we we weren't together the day he died I didn't survive... but I survived, and nobody knows how much I survived... I'm still terribly pissed off at him today that he didn't let his son meet his biological father but had to visit him in the cemetery. And the grandparents have been in contact for 3 years. Although mkeshkamu in one small town, they cannot call and wish their grandson a birthday. I'm currently in a 5-year relationship and he's replacing my child's father and his grandparents. We're just planning a shared flat, and today I know it's the only one <3


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