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My story part 1 - escape

Hi, I've been on the site for a while. You just need to talk a little bit, so sometimes it's going to be funny situations from my life and sometimes it's serious. I'll start with the others. I'm 15 years old and I hate it when someone "grown up" who I don't even fucking know well tells me I don't know anything about life. Well, I do know. Someone doesn't know what I've been through and will judge me or complain about my life. And yet we get so many wonderful moments. I'll start my story with the birth of my big sister. My mother got pregnant with a boyfriend in her 20s and then they got married. My sister was born and they divorced soon after. My mother went abroad to find a job and left my sister temporarily with her grandparents - her parents. When she came back, it turned out that my grandmother, who was greedy for money, told my sister that my mother didn't love her, etc., so she didn't want to live with her mother. My dear grandmother simply wanted alimony, which she had already received from my sister's dad, but she was always short. My mom had a bad time. However, she was bound to another man at the time. They moved in together, my mother got pregnant again and went to Poland so I could be born a Polish woman. This guy, my father, was terrible. We lived abroad, and that's when people there dreamed of a baby with light blonde hair and blue eyes trying to get my mom to get her pregnant again and sell such a baby for a substantial sum of money - there was no shortage of people willing to do so. My mother disagreed, and by the way, my mother is the most beautiful woman in the world. Blond hair, blue eyes and beautiful cheekbones. My dad said he was a redhead, but he was dying. Coming back to the subject, my father often poured himself into a corpse, beat my mother, accused her of treason, although it was not true. To this day, I still remember how I, at the age of 4, tried to protect her and I got it too. I hit the locker hard. He almost killed me. It was too much for my mom. She was planning to escape from this man... To Poland. I was about 5 years old then. I recently found a notebook in which she was planning all this. Of course it worked. My father didn't look for us until a few months later. Later (and probably earlier too) he was in prison. For bullying, stealing and conning. I have a father's bandit. I've heard from my grandmother more than once that I'll end up like him. It hurt me. We stayed with our grandmother, who took all of Mom's money and didn't like each other very much. I've often heard that I'm fat, and that my pretty blonde was terribly dark, so I wasn't a pretty kid, but I didn't give a shit. My mom and I went abroad again. Mom cleaned up there for money and we lived with a friend of Mom's. It wasn't that bad, I started going to school there and I had lots of friends there. I spoke that language fluently and fluently and learned well. Dad hardly spoke to me at all. I was happy, but I always missed something...


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Oh sorry, the screen slipped and I accidentally gave up. And besides, super confession.
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