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I fell in love with a friend

I was fifteen years old when I was holy convinced that I was bisexual. I've been friends with boys since I was a child, I looked at women as much as men. There was a time when I even thought I was gay until I fell in love with a boy when I was thirteen. Damian (random name) was a very good friend at first. But then he found out that I love him, and like the boys his age, he started teasing me. I ended up being challenged from blood, stupid, slutty and crazy. I didn't notice it when the idiot was finished, because I was just crazy about him. And since he's been my school's biggest foundation, I ended up as a public offering. It got worse with time. Totally no one had any respect for me, everyone talked to me, which I knew very well. It started with innocent complexes, ended with hand injuries and visits to a psychologist. Nothing helped, that's why I changed the school. In the new school, I didn't have a reputation for being a copra, but everyone probably thought she was some kind of nut who had to drive to the psychiatrist, who was going to cut and kill everyone. No one really knew what happened at that school. Then a vicious circle rolled in, and the talk of this nut started. I don't even know if I'd still be alive if it weren't for her. I went to the same class with her. Ola (random name) opened up to me first. She helped me with my old habits, pulled me out of my depression. It made me see life colorful. Beautiful, smart, nice. What more do you want? She became my treasure and my best friend. It made even the class like me, I started to be accepted. I took care of the look that I had hung out for before. With time, a few colleagues confessed their love to me, but all of them got a basket. There was one reason: the only person I wanted then was Ola. I fell in love with her to the point of madness, but I promised myself I wouldn't tell her anything yet. A few months ago, Ola introduced me to her boyfriend. Cultural...


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