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My friend's been harassing me.

I used to have a friend. I won't describe his appearance, because he probably doesn't want it. After a month of friendship, he confessed to me that he loves me. We've been arguing a lot, actually, it still is. I didn't see it once, but now I see it, he treated me like a slut, he still treats me. He's very harsh and rude. He has such a type of "intelligence" that he has to know everything, he gets along hard, he wants to provoke a man at all costs, he often laughs at others. I had a fight with him once because I didn't write him back for two days. TWO DAYS. He made an affair with me and called me bitches, blood and so on. He keeps saying that I'm the one who treats him like garbage and makes him ch*ja. Sometimes I lie, but like any man. I lied to him once because I didn't want him to find out about someone I didn't like. He finally found out. He called me blood and fucking bitches again. He said then that everyone would find out. Not long ago I broke up with nin friendship because I didn't want to talk to someone like that at all, because I was always afraid of what I would say, that I would say something wrong and humiliate me again. When I did that, he and his friends started laughing at me. He torments me on every social networking site. The only one he doesn't know I have is Twitter. I hope he doesn't find me. He's doing everything to make my life miserable. He's setting everyone up against me. I cry because of him at night. I don't know what to do. He's still going to the same school as me...


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Report harassment to the police ;)
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